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About Cottingham Chalk Hayes

Since 1983 Cottingham Chalk Hayes has been about the business of helping people find their way in and around Charlotte.  We’ve had thousands of conversations with people just like you.  Important conversations about big decisions.  We know real estate transactions are probably the most important financial commitments that our customers make in life.  We take our part of that process very seriously.  We treat your money like it was ours.  We treat you and your family like they were part of ours.  It’s important.  We get it.  We get you.

Our agents work from Lake Norman to Fort Mill to find the right properties to list and buy.  We didn’t get the reputation as Charlotte’s most prestigious real estate company by watching.  We earned our reputation by doing!  Our team is trained, impeccable in their standards and the hardest working group of individuals you will ever meet.

Buying or Selling contact us at 704-364-1700 or 800-722-1772

We answer the phone!  In the age of voice mail, texting and instant messaging, we stand out because we still place a high value on courteous conversation.   From 9-5 Monday through Saturday, we always have a trained real estate agent ready to answer your questions.